Welcome to pwcom 2.0

Welcome to my blog, and my new website. This is a new beginning for me – after nine years with BIW Technologies, I have decided to branch out and run my own business again.

However, it won’t be exactly the same type of consultancy. For a start, I won’t only be focused on business-to-business public relations and marketing for the architecture, engineering and construction (AEC) sector. Having spent the past three years or so developing knowledge and skills in social media (Web 2.0), I am excited by their potential to improve corporate communications, and so plan to offer specialist advice and consultancy services in this field. Many AEC businesses will, I know, be wary of adopting these ‘trendy’ new tools and techniques, but I think my industry-specific experience will help AEC customers make informed choices about their social media strategies, particularly where these need to be integrated with ongoing internal and external communications programmes.

However, I will not be turning my back on the world of construction collaboration technologies. Having first encountered what we then called ‘project extranets’ in the late 1990s, I gradually became something of an authority on these web-based systems, writing the industry’s first book on the subject, published in late 2005. Since then I have continued to write about the systems, about Software-as-a-Service, collaborative working and related issues, in my ExtranetEvolution blog, in magazine articles and book chapters, and to speak to academic audiences and professional bodies. I plan to continue these activities and hope that my new-found independence will open a few doors that were previously closed to me as an employee of one of the leading system vendors.

Perhaps you are looking for some PR or marketing support? Maybe you want to augment your existing communications with controlled use of social media? Or perhaps you need an honest appraisal of the pros and cons of different vendors’ collaboration technologies? Whatever your requirement, get in touch to see if I can help.

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