Blog as self or company?

After my presentation at the CIMCIG event on Wednesday, I was asked if people in the social media world would welcome someone writing from a corporate perspective.

Drawing on my own experience of corporate blogging, I emphasised that social media was really about people having conversations online. As such, it made sense to make sure that readers could see who was talking – having a name, job title and a photograph of the blogger certainly helps people understand a bit about your role and associate your views with an individual rather than a faceless legal entity.

I have been blogging at for nearly four years but have always used my own name to blog, even though it was common knowledge that I was working for a particular company. This has a benefit in that it immediately gives me some authority as ‘an industry insider’ to talk about developments in the sector. I think this is a common experience for many corporate bloggers.

However, it is vital not just to talk about your company. I went out of my way to comment upon developments affecting all the main players in the UK collaboration market, while also keeping an occasional eye on events in the US, Australasia, mainland Europe, etc, and talking about wider developments (publishing, Constructing Excellence, telecoms, Web 2.0, BIM, SaaS, etc, etc). The comments I receive via the blog and through emails confirm that readers appreciated the breadth of coverage, and it had an indirect benefit to BIW in that the blog research and writing process also gave me a good insight into trends in the sector, competitor activity and so on.

I think corporate blogging also helps give a company more of a ‘personality’. Readers have told me that I was/am one of the faces of BIW, and that they feel they already know a bit about what I and/or BIW, stand for before they meet me. It certainly helps to get conversations going and has led to some invitations to speak at industry events – all good for corporate marketing.


  1. Yes, a human personality is so important – blogs used only for corporate self-promotion are a complete turn-off and boring.

    Such a “blog” has recently popped-up in my niche. I would welcome (and have called for) people to crank one up and enter into the conversation (it can be lonely on your own!), but unfortunately, the only one with the tenacity and frequency-of-posting so far has been this company “blog”.

    Its content provides me with nada to bounce off; if it’s not pimping its own wares, it’s regurgitating Govt. announcements verbatim (in other words: copy/pasted) – lazy.

    There is no reason to link, write nor subscribe to it. The only reason I know of it is because of Google alerts. After one sentence, my eyes skip to the next.

    There is a paranoia about linking-out (traditional media-turned-online publications being the worst) and/or talking of anything else that isn’t about them, fearing people will stray. They don’t get it’s about getting people to return – and want to return at that!

  2. Fantastic web site! I am loving it!! Will be back later to study some much more.
    I think corporate blogging also helps give a company more of a “Personality”

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