Will new CE blog prompt Tweet change?

The UK’s main pan-industry membership body for the construction industry, Constructing Excellence, has gradually been embracing Web 2.0 approaches. Last year, some staff started posting updates from Twitter and the CE website began offering RSS feeds. It has now just started its own blog (thanks to Su Butcher for the alert – via Twitter).

This has given me chance to politely request (via a comment to the first post) a couple of changes to CE’s approach to Twitter.

  • First, could we have some individual Tweeters at CE, rather than several different people all using the same @Constructingexc Twitter ID? This would make it easier for us followers to understand who attended/chaired a meeting, visited a site, etc. You are individual people after all, not a faceless corporate monolith.
  • Second, it is good Tw-ettiquette to ‘listen’ to your Twitter followers. On occasion, you may find that people have replied to your Tweets, perhaps asking a question, but they can get discouraged if you don’t respond.

Perhaps I should explain…. At the moment, I believe most CE Tweets are posted using a texting service [actually, Twittermail] that is shared by several members of CE staff. This makes it difficult to work out exactly who is doing the Twitter update, and – to me – defeats the Web 2.0 objective of helping people have conversations online. And, by not interfacing direct with Twitter via the Twitter website or one of the various Twitter clients (whether on a PC – eg: Tweetdeck, Twhirl, etc – or on a mobile phone or Blackberry – eg: Twitterberry), CE people are potentially missing out on replies to their updates. Thus, CE runs the risk of engaging in a broadcast-only monologue, not the dialogue they clearly want to encourage.

Nonetheless, I welcome Don, Pete, Jon, Zoe and the rest of the Constructing Excellence team to the blogosphere and will add the blog to my RSS reader, etc.


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  1. Thanks for the comments Paul. The feedback is very useful.

    As I’ve commented before on Martin’s blog we’re committed to increasing our use of Web 2.0 tools. However, I think there’s certainly a challenge for us in knowing how to do it.

    You’re absolutely right that we set up a Twitter account for the organisation to use. We recognised early on that no one individual would be able to find the time to spend on Twitter to make separate accounts worthwhile. That remains the case – what we have always been careful to do is state who has Tweeted through the shared account. I think, like any communication medium, it’s use has to meet individual needs. Right now, a shared account works for us and we don’t see the need to change it. In the future, when the CE team gets more used to Tweeting as a matter of course, who knows.

    Part of our reason to use Twitter is to broadcast to people that may use that method of communication rather than others and we make no apologies for that. But we are aware that we are missing out on some potentially very useful conversations through our not responding to others’ messages. Rest assured, this was cock-up not conspiracy – for quite a while we just simply didn’t know how!

    Finally, as I’m sure you can appreciate, there’s a time issue here and we simply aren’t able to monitor Tweets as we’d like. Now, if someone could teach me how to set up the equivalent of a Google Alert on Twitter I’d be most appreciative…

    By the way, your comment to our blog doesn’t seem to have registered. Have you entered it yet – is it something for us to take a look at?

    1. Thanks, Jon.

      The policy of stating who is Tweeting is a bit hit-and-miss at the moment. What prompted my comment was that two of the three latest Tweets were ‘anonymous’.
      I will be in Warwick House tomorrow (NCCTP meeting) so can quickly show you how to set up an alert if you are around
      I certainly submitted the comment and a note appeared saying it was being held for moderation. Glad I gave it a try if it’s something that needs to be fixed (though it now appears, so perhaps the moderator moderated it!).

  2. Paul – I approved your blog comments in the moderation queue. I also need to work out how to set up an alert to tell me when someone has left a comment on the blog that needs to be approved.

    We’re newbies at this so any help would be gratefully received!

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  2. […] member of one of them!); and Constructing Excellence has discussion forums, RSS news, Twitter and a recently-launched blog. Is your association making a real effort to reach out to you, to engage with and represent you and […]

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