Talking PR, Web 2.0 and construction in Liverpool

I will be talking about PR, marketing, web 2.0 and how these can be combined to help construction industry organisations better weather the recession at Be2camp North at FACT in Liverpool on 15 May 2009.

No surprise in me doing this, of course – I was one of the co-founders of Be2camp last year – but after an online meeting (naturally!) on Skype this afternoon with other co-organisers, I am keen to make the event as relevant as possible to the current challenges facing the industry. Of course, the climate change agenda hasn’t gone away, but the attention of many people in the industry is directed more towards surviving the savage recession. As a result, arguably, the sustainability agenda is now more balanced – we need to develop approaches that will help us sustain planet, people and profit.

PR and marketing have a key role to play in this effort (as my series of articles and those of Ross Sturley show). The perils of not investing in marketing communications were also well covered by CIB’s Andy Cassie in his contribution to February’s CIMCIG conference. He described the differing fortunes of some construction businesses in the last recession. Some firms suspended marketing completely, but almost disappeared from the radar of many existing and potential customers, and – in some cases – never recovered. Firms which sustained at least some marketing effort were also better placed to hit the ground running when the recovery eventually came.

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