@ContractJournal – now the voice of its crowd

When UK construction magazine Contract Journal shut down in November (see post), I lamented Reed’s decision and wondered what would become of some of its ancillary online outputs.

As previously mentioned, Brian Green’s Brickonomics blog was resurrected courtesy of Building magazine (if you are interested in the search engine power that a blog provides, by the way, Contract Journal links still top the Google search engine results when you enter ‘Brickonomics’).

But another channel also lives on. Contract Journal created Construction Space, its own discussion and image-sharing forum, and this continues to function as a place for people to share news, ask questions, etc. I’m not sure how much longer it will continue, and it doesn’t appear to be regularly moderated any more (so there are some spammy posts), but as content from the forum is still distributed to Twitter via a @ContractJournal Twitterfeed, the CJ logo still appears from time to time on my screen (and presumably on the screens of over 900 other followers).

It somehow seems appropriate that a social media facility – “people having conversations online” – established to give the Contract Journal readership a place to air their opinions has become ‘people-powered‘. It continues to publish their comments despite the demise of the publication itself – perhaps a small demonstration of how an online community can become self-sustaining; @ContractJournal has become just the sound of its crowd.

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