Twitter gaining in Remit survey

Last year, in a post Twitter? not in my Remit, I talked about the findings of a Remit/Estates Gazette survey of use of social media, among other sources, at the 2009 MIPIM property fair in Cannes; I was scathing of some of the responses, mainly because they showed low property professional awareness of how some social media tools could or should be used. Remit Consulting – who more recently produced a report for the RICS on social media (see post) – repeated the MIPIM exercise again this year, against a background of heightened media use:

We have also seen the more widespread acceptance of social media tools and the main property journals both pulled out all the stops this year to present a free multi-channel news experience with blogs, tweets, podcasts, video, daily emails and web portals. Phew!

From a (slighly smaller and therefore even less statistically significant) web-based survey sample (just 81 responses; see summary PDF), Remit’s highlights included:

  • Most popular (still) are the journals but, with the exception of video and podcasts, the respondents seem to dip into all the online news channels …
  • Most respondents did not attend MIPIM and we suspect that those attendees who responded were the most interested in social media – perhaps the rest are not concerned about news which left MIPIM and they got what they wanted from the event;
  • Online portals, Property Journals and news emails were the most popular ways of getting the news;
  • YouTube and podcasts particularly didn’t make it out of the starting blocks;
  • Twitter more than doubled its following from last year and huge enthusiasm was shown by the converts ….

Remit felt that property professionals remained loyal to their property journals for their news, but it was noted that 23% of respondents did not look at journals at all, while Twitter usage had doubled, so “journals may not have it all their own way in future“. Crucially, Remit continued, most respondents used more than one source, posing questions about where advertisers, for example, might invest to get their message across in future.

From a personal perspective, I suspect some of the non-attendee interest in MIPIM was social media-driven, not least because Twitter and other channels helped spread the word about a Re0rb-sponsored seminar on Web 2.0 for property people held in Cannes.

(After the success of its property-focused Web 2.0 event during London Social Media Week in February, sponsored by Reorb, Be2camp is holding another property-oriented half-day ‘unseminar’, not in Cannes, but in Chelmsford, Essex on the afternoon of 29 April, – click here for details.)

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