May 05 2010

Construction Enquirer: Twitter update

A week ago, I blogged about the new Construction Enquirer online news service and how – in my view – it had overlooked the marketing potential of Twitter. It seems my words didn’t go unnoticed:

  • the previously unbranded @ConstructionEnq Twitter account now sports a fetching red and black icon
  • @ConstructionEnq is now following me (but, sadly – to date – nobody else)
  • there are now more than 30 followers, all presumably getting @ConstructionEnq news updates in their live-stream
  • the profile has been completed, along with a location and website hyperlink
  • the ‘new blog post’ preamble is now a shorter, snappier “Latest:”, and around half a dozen stories are tweeted each weekday
  • but interrupting the automated flow of news stories on 1 May was something that even sounded like a human being: “Apologies for the test posts. Normal service will now resume!

It seems that Construction Enquirer sees Twitter almost exclusively as another channel to broadcast its news, which is a shame when it could be opening a dialogue with its readers, maybe asking for reactions to breaking news, or asking for first-hand accounts from people affected by some of the stories they’ve written. Still, it’s early days ….

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