New business cards

Following my blog post about QR codes last week, I finally got round to collecting my new business cards (once again, from Blackheath’s excellent Trojan Press) today.

QR codes on business cardsPrinter Dave Mayes was fascinated by the graphics, but said: “I don’t have a smartphone”. However, as I said to him, in marketing terms, it’s not what phone you have, it’s what phone your contacts might have – ultimately, you want your customers or other contacts to be able to quickly add your contact details, view a map, call you, click on your website or send you an email. It took just 10 seconds to show him how I could scan the QR code and have immediate access to all the associated information without needing to key in anything. Quick Response = quick win!


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  1. Very cool!… where’s the augmented reality business card though? 😉

  2. So very nerdy and I love it.

  3. This is the new way of extending the info on your business cards to the web.

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