Revisiting Reorb

I first wrote about the commercial property and real estate social network Reorb in January, and I have tried to stay in touch with developments in its functionality and with its growth landmarks.

According to its latest newsletter (July 2010), Reorb now features new sections on services, jobs and properties. These “enable you to list, search, and be alerted about services, service requests, job vacancies, properties, property transactions, and property requirements”. The items uploaded to these new sections are linked to users’ profiles and links are also shared with users’ contacts, creating a strong connection between content and people.

As an experiment, I have just added my consultancy business to the services section of the site (there are 17 listings to date), so it will be interesting to see if this is, as Reorb suggests, “an extraordinarily potent new way of generating business”.

The same newsletter says Reorb now has “over 3,000 users signed up to and using Reorb” (3,089 according to the website today – up about 600 from the 2,440 I noted two months ago), and says the Edinburgh-based company is about to run a substantial marketing campaign in the UK.

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