Avoiding date clashes

With others, I have used Doodle.com as a convenient way to agree dates for meetings – whether real-life or online chats via Skype – and there are times I wish event organisers would do something similar, but to avoid date clashes.

As previously mentioned, I am attending the CIMCIG conference in London on 25 November. That evening will also see the Construction Computing awards presented (post). And I have just learned that another body I belong to, the press and PR construction group International Building Press, is holding its Annual Journalism Awards dinner that same evening. This will pose a dilemma for a few people (me included) who might want to attend both events.

To me, this suggests we need a neutral website where all the dates and details of construction-related events were kept up-to-date so that we can help avoid such date clashes. A recent start-up, Housevents.net, is trying to provide such a service, but it hasn’t yet achieved the necessary traction from event organisers, and – as a result – its listings omit many events.

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