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I don’t normally do technology reviews on this website (though I do on my ExtranetEvolution blog,  if you’re into construction collaboration technology), but as I have recently discovered something that allows easy sharing of the latest news (always useful for PR and media people), I thought I would make an exception.

Since getting a smartphone, I have been frustrated more than once by organisations who still think that everyone looks at their website via a conventional computer browser. “What about those people on the move?!” I shout. “Do you know how crappy your website looks like when I view it on my phone? Do you know how long it takes to download your page, and how frustrating it is to navigate?!

MyTaptuThe Taptu search engine helps mobile users find websites that are optimised for touchscreen viewing, and now you can download an application that allows you to select your favourite news topics and RSS feeds, and to view streams geared for mobile users. Thanks to my fellow PR professional, CIPR activist, Android user and technology advocate Philip Sheldrake, I got early access to MyTaptu – launched today (see TechCrunch review; iPhone app here) –  and have already become a convert. Indeed when (via Twitter) Communicate magazine asked for suggestions about gadgets, I didn’t hesitate to suggest that MyTaptu was something that other corporate communicators should be looking at if they need to keep up-to-date with the latest news in their target markets, and in key networks such as Facebook, LinkedIn or Twitter.

It is, of course, still early days for MyTaptu (I have already made some suggestions to the developers), but it has already become the application that – after Twitter – I have checked first when commuting into London today.

I am looking forward to the imminent release of specialist streams (as a construction specialist I know Construction Enquirer, for example [most recent post], already has a good smartphone site, and would be high on my list of chosen sites within a construction stream); the addition of streams specific to particular geographical locations or regions would be great but is a major development challenge; and I have asked about utilising the MyTaptu user community to identify and recommend good content (tapping [sic] into the “wisdom of the MyTaptu crowd”).


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  1. Hi Paul–we’re glad you like My Taptu! And thank you for the kind review. We’re working on a way to give people the ability to put together and upload their own streams. But until then, if you would like to suggest some construction specific sources we will put them together and get it loaded into My Taptu.

  2. Thanks, Dianne.
    As for construction-specific news sources, life has been made difficult by some of the main publication websites (‘Building’, ‘Construction News’) adopting paywalls. ‘Construction Enquirer’ and ‘The Construction Index’ help fill the gap for those unwilling/unable to pay the subscriptions demanded by UBM or Emap.

    Monthly magazine ‘Construction Manager’ is good, and its website has some online-only content, but isn’t optimised for touchscreen access.

    I will try to draw up a list of UK construction websites I like accessing from my smartphone, but if anyone else has some recommendations, please feel free to share them.

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  3. […] couldn’t call, text or email him when my train was delayed. But nor could I check the latest news on MyTaptu, or new updates on Twitter (things I do regularly on my commute into town), and I couldn’t […]

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