“Talking” at Sustainability Now

Tomorrow lunchtime (12.30pm BST), I will be facilitating a conversation at the UBM online event Sustainability Now on “Can technology and social media help us interact better with the areas we live and work in?”

Best Social Media individual 2010I have been a participant in all previous Sustainability Now events (the first one was run in July 2008 – see my ExtranetEvolution.com post), and even won an award at last December’s event (post). As an advocate of technology solutions to help people plan, design, build and operate a better, more sustainable built environment, I appreciate the UBM ambitions of creating an online promotional, educational and social space that people can visit without having to travel – using web-based tools to share information and help people collaborate has been part of my professional mission for the last decade and more!

The technology deployed to support Sustainability Now has continued to develop, but there are many other platforms that can be used to help architects, engineers and other construction industry people enter into useful conversations online with fellow professionals and – just as importantly – with the end-users of the built assets that are delivered. If you join me in the Lounge chat session tomorrow, we might be talking about democratic design, augmented reality, gamification, iPads and a myriad of related topics.

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