Off the cuff QR code

I have written several times before about QR (quick response) codes. I first used them on my business cards in 2010, and I “walk the talk” by including my contact details as a QR code on the final slide of my conference presentations – which sometimes means that people don’t even need my business card: they scan my slide and my V-card is automatically saved in their mobile phone.

Inspired by a blog post from social media-savvy friend and fellow Wikipedian and QR code fan Andy Mabbett, I recently acquired cuff-links with a unique QR code pointing people to my website. They were made for me by Midlands-based Vanessa Pearce, who I contacted via Twitter (indeed, almost every part of the process was managed via Twitter, just one email).

The cuff-links proved a conversation-starter at a conference black-tie dinner I attended in Birmingham last week, and were also noticed during a business lunch in London two days later. OK, it’s not the most obvious way to promote your business, but I suppose it’s a new angle on wearing your heart on your sleeve.

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    • Luke O'Rafferty on 20 March 2012 at 8:43 pm
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    I do like the idea of the QR code at the end of the presentations – think I’ll pinch that idea. Might hold back on the cuff links for now though…

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