New business cards, same QR code

Once again, I have just bought a new batch of business cards (printed by my excellent local printer, Trojan Press of Blackheath), complete with a quick response, QR, code on the reverse side.

Scanning the QR code using a barcode app on a mobile phone will allow the user to import my details direct into their contacts book (yes, I know there are apps like CardMunch – now owned by LinkedIn – that use optical character recognition, but CardMunch is iPhone-only and, any way, I think the QR process is quicker and more seamless).

I did think about doing a second version with a dedicated link to my website (like my cufflinks) so that I could track just how many click-throughs came from the card, but I figured most people would simply want my contact details (and the v-card details also include a link to the website).

QR code scanned to phone

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