Connect with FM re-launches

A short email broadcast from ConnectwithFM this morning tells me the online community for facilities management professionals is being relaunched. This FM network, founded by former BIFM chairman Iain Murray, first emerged in July 2010, and was soon followed – three months later – by launch of the BIFM’s own, and similarly-named, NetworkwithBIFM (see post).

How have the past 18 months been for the two Ning-based networks? Well, ConnectwithFM has grown from 481 to 615, while NetworkwithBIFM has leapt from the 56 it had on Day Two, to 611 – so the two are running neck-and-neck, and may well share a lot of the same members.

In other news, Richard Byatt, formerly BIFM’s head of communications, has moved on and is now an independent communications consultant – “available to work on an assignment, project or longer-term basis” – see for more details.

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