Aggregate and engage = Aggregage

Last week I received an email from Nick Makansi of California, US-based Aggregage. The name combines “aggregate” and “engage”, which is what the company’s product does – it “creates online communities by aggregating the most engaging content from the best sources around a specific business segment.”

Their latest community – Professional Constructor Central – was launched very recently and has been created in partnership with the American Institute of Constructors, and aims to bring together the best content for professional constructors, with visitors able to view by daily, weekly, monthly or even yearly editions, or sort by keywords and content categories. I had a quick look and was immediately encouraged to see that a familiar name among US construction technology bloggers, Carol Hagen, was already a contributor.

Professional Constructor CentralProfessional Constructor Central is unashamedly US-focused, but as I write increasingly about US-based firms and other firms targeting the US market on my Extranet Evolution tech blog, I suggested it might be a useful addition to the community, and it is now a featured blog. Perhaps other bloggers who want to get exposure in the US might consider putting themselves forward.

I passed details of Professional Constructor Central to two other UK-based bloggers in the construction marketing sector and SEO expert Pritesh Patel immediately shot back: “there are absolutely no links pointing to this site which means… no one is talking about it. Low value.”

I checked (Pritesh was right, of course), and challenged Nick on this. He responded: “The site’s just launched (it launched this past Monday, the 8th), so over time backlinks will start to appear.”

To foster backlinks, the platform encourages contributors to add a button to their blog, which I’ve done, and I will be monitoring to see what impact (if any) Professional Constructor Central has on traffic to my blog.

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