Specifiedby.com pushing “social specification”

specified.by-logoI’ve written about SpecifiedBy several times (eg: November 2012, January 2013), impressed by CEO Darren Lester’s energy and enthusiasm to use social media to facilitate the construction specification process. Having launched his site at Ecobuild and started two blogs last month (post), Darren is now aiming to use Twitter to help people get recommendations of particular products or suppliers.

His latest side-project is called #SocialSpec, launched this week and about which he writes:

A while back, one of our manufacturers very kindly described us as pioneers of ‘Social Specification’. This immediately made me think, we should use that!

Then, literally a couple of days later, I was on Twitter and I saw an architect Tweet that he was looking for a particular type of building product, and did anyone have any recommendations. I retweeted it and within minutes, another architect had replied saying something like, ‘We’ve just used these guys, highly recommended’. And I thought, wow, that is Social Specification.

So we’ve decided to try to structure this process a bit, in order to help specifiers reach a larger network for recommendations and advice.

Alongside SpecifiedBy, Darren has set up a new @SocialSpec Twitter account. Users follow this account and tweet their building product or supplier requirements either directly to SocialSPec or using the hashtag #SocialSpec. This is then retweeted to a still-growing network of industry specifiers, contractors and specialists, hopefully eliciting some quick recommendations. It’s early days, but it will be interesting to see if and how this takes off.

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