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Jul 31 2009

Teambuild 2009 – needs social media

I went to the London launch of Teambuild 2009 last night, and met lots of young professionals (architects, project managers, QSs, structural engineers, lawyers, etc) busy networking to form teams to participate in this year’s competition (find out more from the Teambuild website). It was an excellent event (good venue: 11th floor of law firm …

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Jul 22 2009

Towards the ‘virtual charrette’

Last year, I wrote an ExtranetEvolution post about charrettes (collaborative planning workshops) and wondered if traditional charrettes, usually undertaken as face-to-face events, might be combined using technology to create virtual events. This idea has gathered pace over the past 12 months. Andrew Carmichael B2 Camp Pres View more presentations from pwcom.co.uk Ltd It was the …

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Apr 15 2009

The internet as a lifeline for SMEs

Given that most of the businesses active in the architecture, engineering and construction (AEC) sectors are small or medium-sized enterprises (SMEs or SMBs), any research that looks at the impact of the recession upon SMEs’ use of the internet was going to attract my attention – particularly as it is something that I have written …

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Apr 15 2009

Blog motivations in large AEC companies

I looked recently at why companies should blog and followed this up with a guest post from the ‘chief blogger’ at AEC design firm HOK in which John Gilmore talked about using blogs to help change the external perception of the company and to appeal to future business partners and clients, among other things. These …

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Apr 08 2009

Cultivating collaboration

The Economist has an article, Getting togetherness, which supports my own view on the critical importance of company cultures in supporting – or killing – collaboration. The article talks about Apple’s iPod, launched in 2001, and Sony’s inability to produce a comparable product due to a “long-standing culture of internal competition”. It then discusses research …

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Mar 30 2009

Making better use of office space

Last week, in Ten things to manage in a recession: 5 – cut power, I very briefly talked (point 5) about the energy-saving potential of enabling people to work from home. It needs to be emphasised that this should not be about cost-cutting, but about achieving a more efficient combination of ICT, buildings and human resources. …

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Mar 19 2009

Live from HOK – guest post

This is a guest post by John Gilmore (right), one of the HOK corporate communications team behind the Life at HOK blog that I wrote about recently. I asked John if he would like to explain more about how the site (and other HOK Web 2.0 activities) is managed and policed and what business benefits …

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Mar 11 2009

Social networks boost productivity

For many Generation X managers, work and socialising are two distinctly separate notions, and they therefore often seek to limit employees’ socialising so that they can “get on and do real work”. But what if that real work could actually be improved by socialising? What if social networking actually helped you work better? In late …

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Mar 09 2009

Why Generation Y matters

Over the weekend I read a cutting, Generation Next, from the March 2009 issue of Director magazine, discussing how the cohort of people born in or after 1980 are prompting changes in organisational approaches. Writer David Woodward quotes an April 2008 study by Talentsmoothie of 2,500 Gen Y people which found that they: “had little …

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Mar 03 2009

Ten things to manage in a recession: 2 – meetings

This is the second in a series based on my friend Ross Sturleys’ Ten Things to Cut in a Recession Before You Cut Your Marketing (presented at last month’s CIMCIG conference and in recent Construction News marketing e-newsletters) – number one was “Cut association memberships”. Number two: “Cut meetings” Ross starts his diatribe against costly …

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