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Oct 16 2012

Aggregate and engage = Aggregage

Professional Constructor Central

Last week I received an email from Nick Makansi of California, US-based Aggregage. The name combines “aggregate” and “engage”, which is what the company’s product does – it “creates online communities by aggregating the most engaging content from the best sources around a specific business segment.” Their latest community – Professional Constructor Central – was launched very recently and …

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Apr 23 2011

The pwcom blog – reborn

After six years of blogging with TypePad, I have just migrated my tech blog, ExtranetEvolution.com, to a new blog platform. This self-hosted installation of WordPress also supports my other sites, pwcom.co.uk and this blog, previously run on WordPress.com. I hope you like the new look and feel of the site(s). There have been some issues with migrating …

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Oct 04 2010

PR and bloggers: a positive experience

Last month, due to an unfortunate clash of dates (one of those evenings when I could easily have attended four top quality events, but had to choose just one), I missed the London Bloggers Meet-up, The PR Edition, which discussed the interface between public relations and bloggers, but follow-up blog posts (eg: EdelmanDigital, Gary Andrews, LondonBloggers.net) …

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Nov 20 2009

It’s a blog, not a free press release service

[This is an updated and expanded version of a post from my ExtranetEvolution.com blog.] I don’t republish companies’ press releases on my ExtranetEvolution blog, which is focused on a particular niche area of construction collaboration and related technologies. As an expert in that field, I try to be discriminating in what I write about, but …

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Nov 12 2009

Goodbye, CJ

Earlier today, the Twitter grapevine tweeted the news that UK construction industry weekly magazine Contract Journal (CJ) and its website, contractjournal.com, is to be shut down from the end of this month. The announcement by parent company Reed Business Information was made in an email (a tweet from Kirstie Colledge of Simply Marcomms prompted me …

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Feb 19 2009

Will the future of events be virtual?

Phil Clark has just blogged about the potential impact of virtual worlds such as Second Life on the management of conferences and other events. He believes that we will see “an amalgam of live and online events” begin to develop, where a live event coincides with a virtual one and the two feed off each …

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Feb 14 2009

Blog as self or company?

After my presentation at the CIMCIG event on Wednesday, I was asked if people in the social media world would welcome someone writing from a corporate perspective. Drawing on my own experience of corporate blogging, I emphasised that social media was really about people having conversations online. As such, it made sense to make sure …

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