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Oct 29 2009

Going to the toilet puts UK economy down the toilet

Watercooler conversations undermine UK plc Crosswords and Sudoko waste UK businesses £2bn a year These are just made-up headline, of course, but I expect if you commissioned a survey into the time individuals spend not working, but chatting with their mates, reading personal emails, etc, etc, you would soon come up with some tasty headlines …

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Jul 30 2009

Clugston CEO on social media

Browsing the Financial Times website earlier this week, I came across a Business Life feature, How far should CEOs engage with the media?. Among the individuals responding was Steve Martin, CEO of UK construction group, Clugston (already notable for his role in the Channel 4’s Undercover Boss earlier this summer – see his diary on …

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Jun 12 2009

Element14 – a B2B online community

Yesterday I travelled to Birmingham to be guest speaker at a meeting of the PR and marketing committee of a UK construction trade association. I talked about how social media can be employed in a wide variety of ways to supplement (and in some cases, replace) existing communication channels, opening up new ways of reaching …

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Mar 25 2009

Could Generation Z be more web-savvy than Generation Y?

Twitter really hit the headlines today, being the lead story on the front-page of today’s Guardian newspaper, with news that UK primary school children will study social media such as Twitter and Wikipedia as part of a new curriculum that includes more modern media and web-based skills as well as a greater focus on environmental …

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