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Socially mobile

When looking to replace my old mobile ‘phone late last year, I used Twitter and blogs to get some user feedback on the option at the top of my shortlist (a productive process that included a long and helpful review of the many pros and a few cons of my choice from one friend). As …

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How far are AEC firms lagging behind? A long way.

ReadWriteWeb is a must-read blog for many people interested in social media, and its coverage of corporate adoption of Web 2.o is excellent for those looking at its use in business (so-called Enterprise 2.0). Today, I read a post, Enterprise 2.0: Study Shows Adoption is Real, by Alex Williams that reported survey data from the …

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Managing the UK-Germany social media divide

I have been pitching for the UK B2B PR account for a company based in Germany, and while my main contact is open-minded about the potential of social media it seems that view is not yet shared by many of her fellow Germans. The title of a ReadWriteWeb blog post – Social Media in Germany: …

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