Will LinkedIn integration take the Twitter Blinkers off?

Today we learned that LinkedIn, probably the social networking site most widely used by professionals (for whom Facebook is just too, er, social), is going to integrate with Twitter so that users’ status updates could be shared between the two networks.

Straw-polls and anecdotal feedback from recent seminars and conferences for UK construction professionals that I’ve attended have confirmed that LinkedIn is often, albeit grudgingly, regarded as “just about OK” for business networking, but relatively few have so far extended their networking to include Twitter – despite a considerable amount of professional news, information and links being shared there. But perhaps this tie-up between the two platforms will show many of LinkedIn’s 50-million-plus members that they can take the blinkers off, show that their status updates also have a value to people who use Twitter, and maybe tempt them to start using the more mobile micro-blogging platform too?

It will almost certainly result in LinkedIn displaying more frequent status updates from people who already use Twitter. If my own habits are anything to go by, I use Twitter about 20-30 times more often than I do LinkedIn, but, relax, I won’t be reposting all my Tweets to LinkedIn – there is apparently an option to select which of one’s Tweets are displayed by LinkedIn.

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