Tweeter twacked by Twansit!

The inaugural communicators bike ride or Comms Club Run (see previous post) took place on Friday on the wettest day (so far) in September 2010. With other riders put off by the gloomy weather forecast, Liam Fitzpatrick and I stuck to Plan A, met up at Watford Junction station at 10am, pointed our road bikes into the northwesterly breeze and splashed our way along a 60km route out into the Chilterns and back.

We compared notes about the state of the construction industry, working in Scandinavia, doing PR for high-tech businesses, fee levels for PR freelances and agencies versus those paid to management consultants, and numerous other topics (OK, cycling cropped up once or twice, too). A brief stop near Ashridge for a mug of tea and a big slab of carrot cake kept the conversation going, and we also started to hatch plans for the next ride – on Friday 29 October. Again, this will probably start from somewhere easily accessible by train or car – potential starting points include Dartford or Sevenoaks.

“Tweeter twacked by Twansit”*

All being well, I’ll be fit enough to lead it – despite being knocked off my bike by a white van in Bermondsey later on Friday afternoon. I’d got the train from London Euston up to Watford and back, and, while commuting back from Euston towards my south-east London home, I was hit side-on by a Ford Transit emerging from a side road.

The driver’s first words were the classic SMIDSY : “Sorry mate, I didn’t see you!” (despite me wearing a dayglo yellow jacket and riding in plain view in the middle of the lane he turned across!). Fortunately, I wasn’t too badly hurt: a few grazes and a bruised shoulder (the bike got a few more scratches!) – all checked out by staff at Guy’s Minor Injuries clinic, which, conveniently enough, was within hobbling distance of where I got flattened! I was able, very gingerly, to cycle home afterwards, but won’t be hitting the road cycling again for a few days yet.

* While waiting in X-ray at Guy’s, I tweeted my misfortune and got lots of sympathetic messages, some harking back to another accident I suffered in January (post). As a result, Ross Sturley coined another would-be PR headline on Twitter for me! Cheers, Ross! 🙂

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