Bentley takes Hammer for best use of social media

Construction Computing AwardsIn September (Best use of Social Media?), I talked about the shortlisted companies in the running for Construction Computing magazine’s ‘Best use of social media‘ award at the Construction Computing Awards 2010. I highlighted the widely varying levels of social media adoption among the finalists, and gave my assessment of the Web 2.0 performance of the vendors – and my forecast proved spot-on!

Bentley Systems duly won the ‘Hammer’ for Best Use of Social Media (22 December 2010 update: Bentley news release), with Woobius as runner-up. True to their record of staff engagement with Twitter, I heard the news first via a tweet from Woobian James Goodfellow.

The Construction Computing Awards event clashed with the International Building Press Journalism Awards and the B2B Marketing Awards events, both of which I had considered attending (though domestic responsibilities meant I couldn’t go to any of them, having to dash from the drinks after that day’s CIMCIG event). I did, however, get chance to read about the winners on the IBP and B2B Marketing websites on Friday morning, and – after a slight delay – the Construction Computing Awards winners are now available too.


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  1. Hi Paul,
    Ref how you first heard that Bently won the social media award.

    @thesaashandbook tweeted as the award was announced live from the awards. Unless James is a particulary fast typist on his mobile, surely you heard it from me first! 😉
    Perhaps I need to practice typing faster on my mobile!!
    Clare Watson

    1. Happy New Year, Clare!
      I think you’re right about being first (I’ve just checked and your tweet was a minute ahead of James’s), but I wasn’t monitoring the stream constantly and could have missed some tweets (it was late, I was tired…). I should have double-checked.
      Best wishes

  2. LOL! Glad I was first. Of course my tweeting at live events is all your doing! If I had not seen the live tweets you do I would not have thought of it.

    There are inherent problems with tweeting at awards ceremonies however:
    1) You miss some of the goings on because you are trying to focus on your tiny mobile keboard, and,
    2) As the champagne flows, the typing gets worse

    Nice blog BTW.

  3. I’ve found ‘live-tweeting’ has changed how I think about events. I sometimes find myself looking for like-minded souls at the same event, and Twitter can be a great ice-breaker. You are also conscious that people outside the event might have viewpoints on what you are reporting, so you become an interface between the event and the rest of the Twittersphere.

    However, there are venues where Tweeting is impossible. The subterranean basement at Grosvenor House (I was there for the What House? Awards most recently) has no open wifi, and mobile and 3G networks don’t reach, so events there don’t generate the same kind of interaction and sharing. Some might see that as a good thing, of course…. 😉

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