What’s next? New digital communications for construction marketing

On Wednesday afternoon, I spoke at the latest half-day conference organised by Ross Sturley and his energetic team from the Chartered Institute of Marketing’s Construction Industry Group (CIMCIG). The event, at the Building Centre in London, was focused on digital communications for construction marketing, and I had the final presentation, looking into the future.

Filling such a final slot is always difficult, particularly when the previous speakers include people who are already at the cutting edge of good practice. Knowing what friends Nick Pauley (Pauley Creative) and Kirstie Colledge (SMPR) were likely to cover (website design, Google Analytics, Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Pinterest, etc), I could be confident about omitting some subjects, but that still left subjects like search engine optimisation, apps and website design. Fortunately, there was little overlap and most of what I presented was, I think, different to what was delivered earlier.

This presentation looked at new ways in which social media and related technologies, such as augmented reality, GPS and QR codes, could be deployed both in delivering architecture, engineering and construction projects and as part of the creation, management and dissemination of content by AEC PR and marketing teams. Having been asked – at the Guild of Architectural Ironmongers’ AGM on Saturday – about Web 3.0, I also decided to take a look at the forthcoming data explosion, the semantic web and linked data, relating that to developments such as building information modelling, BIM, and the ‘internet of things’.

(Apologies to those who were at the event for not lingering. Previous speakers ate into my time and I had to leave quickly to get to Southend – which I managed with 10 minutes to spare. If anyone wants to follow up on any of the points I raised, please get in touch.)

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