CIPR logoI learned yesterday morning that I had been elected to the CIPR Council for 2015-2016 (see Vote for me in the CIPR elections), so many thanks to everyone that voted (turnout was 13.7%), and in particular to everyone that voted for me (full list of election results here).

As chair of CAPSIG, I have attended three meetings of Council to date under the old regime, but sectoral group chairs will no longer get automatic places after the end of this year. A new constitution was agreed earlier this year, and the slimmed-down Council will see all the sectoral groups represented by eight elected individuals. Thankfully, construction and property retains a place (as does the CIPR social media panel, three of whose members will be on the new Council).

Another constituency that doesn’t have any explicit representation is independent PR practitioners. However, as well as myself, several other freelance operators who attended August’s roundtable meeting were also elected, including Chris Love, Lindsey Columbell and Eva Maclaine. I am looking forward to working with these colleagues on our IP cause.

If you are a CIPR member and have any issues you want to raise, please let me know.

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  1. Hi Paul
    Congratulations on being newly elected to CIPR Council for 2015-2016,
    Best Regards,
    Eric CL Gan
    Architect turned Cloud Entrepreneur
    We empower anyone to be a Knowledge Real Estate Developer and Contractor.

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