Back on the CIPR IPs trail

I took a month-long sabbatical from blogging recently – partly due to pressure of other work, but also to recharge my personal blogging batteries. This PR blog may take on a new lease of life now, as I’ve also taken on some new responsibilities at the CIPR: in December I was elected to the CIPR’s board, and last month, I chaired the first meeting of the CIPR’s policy and campaigns committee (in addition to my continued work with the CIPR’s construction and property group, CAPSIG).

Almost half my new policy and campaigns committee colleagues are independent PR practitioners, and I continue to receive a steady stream of emails and occasional phone calls from other independent practitioners (IPs) seeking help or advice. I spent a fair bit of last year working within the CIPR on building a network of IPs – activities summarised in this July 2015 post – and I plan to continue the effort this year (if time and my other responsibilities allow!).

CIPR Excellence Awards

CIPREx awards 2016Thankfully, the CIPR recognises the challenges faced by IPs, and the annual CIPR Excellence Awards reward the achievements of an Outstanding Independent Practitioner every year. Last year’s award was won by Northern Ireland-based Samantha Livingstone. Did it help her business? Well, she says: “This award has helped open new doors and added credibility to the service I offer clients.”

The entry deadline for the 2016 CIPR Excellence Awards is fast approaching. Entries need to be submitted by 6pm GMT on Tuesday 23 February 2016 (or, if you want to take advantage of the late entry deadline, by 6pm GMT on Tuesday 1 March 2016 – late fee applies). More information here.

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