Suspended by Twitter

A frustrating 15 hours without Twitter following a seemingly random suspension.

As I am on most working weekdays, I was up and at my desk bright and early yesterday morning, filing a few daily photos to my Blipfoto photographic blog, before dealing with some emails and heading out to an event at the Institution of Civil Engineers. In my inbox was an ominous email from Twitter – “Your Twitter account has been suspended“:

Twitter suspension

SuspendedAs I had never even been suspended, being suspended for apparently trying to evade permanent suspension seemed more than a bit excessive – in fact, it was sheer nonsense. Twitter’s email was sent at 07:18am, one minute after Blipfoto had shared my photo of a bakery shop in Blackheath – hardly something warranting suspension, but suddenly I had no Twitter voice. When I logged on to Twitter, my home page confirmed I had been suspended – I shared a photo via Instagram (not a platform I use that often, but in the absence of Twitter, it helped get word out to a few friends) and it appeared on my personal Facebook page.

In the meantime, I had to go through the process of lodging an appeal, but it meant I spent a frustrating day without Twitter (a tool I use often when attending events – yesterday morning, for example, I was at a Construction Industry Council economics and policy briefing, which had lots of tweetable soundbites from the Construction Products Association’s Noble Francis, Sarah McMonagle of the Federation of Master Builders and Jonathan Spruce from Transport for the North).

Last night just after 10pm, I checked Twitter again and – after a 15-hour suspension – my account was finally working again. I tweeted a tentative “test”. It worked! Although it initially looked as though my followers and accounts followed had been decimated, by this morning, a full 24 hours later, my account was seemingly back to its former health (though it appears I lost around 20 followers).

But, so far, I have heard nothing from Twitter about why my account was suspended. Perhaps an overactive bot took offence at being shown a Blackheath baker…. Anyone else ever had a similar experience?

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