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IT departments need “calculated approach” to Web 2.0

According to an Information Age article, corporate IT departments will struggle to successfully deploy Web 2.0 until they develop a more “calculated approach”, says Gartner. It predicts that over 70% of IT-led social media initiatives in the enterprise over the next two years will fail, while organisations that allow business, rather than IT, to lead …

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Ban social media, lose the marketing war, lose staff

Yesterday I came across a great post: Why multinationals are losing the marketing war, by Chris Rand who asserts: the biggest barrier to engaging with customers and prospects online remains the corporate IT environment. He says too many companies block access to tools like Facebook and Twitter just as they used to restrict access to …

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Not invented here

Large parts of the UK architecture, engineering and construction (AEC) sector have proved resistant to ideas of partnering, knowledge-sharing and integrated collaborative working (despite the efforts of Latham and Egan, while only time will tell if Wolstenholme‘s Never Waste a Good Crisis fares any better). The IT departments of many AEC organisations similarly adopt a …

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