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Online community participation: now it’s more like 70-20-10

70-20-10 rule

Yesterday I did a talk, Developing Successful Online Communities, as part of the CIPR‘s Social Summer series at the CIPR’s London office (the original speaker, Feverbee‘s Richard Millington, had to drop out due to illness and I volunteered to fill the gap at six hours notice). Developing Successful Online Communities View more presentations from pwcom.co.uk …

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Time to replace command-and-control

Through B L Ochman’s  blog, I learned about a new report on social media adoption by website usability pioneer Jakob Nielsen which says major corporations often take three to five years to incorporate collaboration tools into their intranets – but once they do, and once they change their command and control corporate culture, positive change …

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90-9-1 or 75-15-10?

I have blogged before, on ExtranetEvolution.com, about characteristics of communities – see Building online communities and Building communities ‘aliveness’. The latter of these two posts outlined some Harvard Business School observations on communities of practice saying you should expect three main levels of community participation: a core group engaged in regular, intensive activities (usually 10-15% …

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