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Don’t become a Twitterspammer

Just as email can become a nightmare due to unsolicited emails from spammers, so, too, can Twitter. Use of a keyword or phrase like “iPad”, “iPhone” or “laptop”, for example, can make you the target of tweeters offering chances to win free kit if you click on the link in their tweet (some of which …

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Entrepreneurs and social media

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Last week I spoke at an evening meeting of the Cass Entrepreneurs Network (an alumni group of Cass Business school at London’s City University) on entrepreneurs, PR and social media. The event, hosted at the CIPR’s headquarters in Russell Square, attracted a mixture of Cass and CIPR people, and, judging from their answers to my initial …

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Poor use of Twitter could damage your professional brand

Yesterday, I talked about construction industry use of social media to the Institute of Directors Built Environment Discussion Group’s monthly breakfast meeting in Maidstone, Kent.* As with other professional audiences I’ve spoken to recently, there was almost universal adoption of LinkedIn, more than half of those present had a Facebook profile, and just under half …

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